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Mentor provides project management consulting services to companies from all sectors and develops programs based on a company’s preferences and expectations. Based on the program that is selected, the consulting and training frequency, the duration and level at which a company can transition to a system where it “does its work by projects and manage these projects” is identified.

Summary of Consulting Services We Provide:

- Establishing the principle of project-based work into the corporate culture

- Enabling senior management to accept this principle by showing them its advantages

- Supporting the adoption of the management-by-projects mentality

- Providing the foundation for project-based work in the organization and providing training to support this founcation

- Deciding to create skills centers that provide resources for projects and deciding on the structures for expert human resource pools

- Establishing a Project Office and defining the organization, roles and responsibilities of the office

- Identifying and adapting project management processes and procedures

- Quality Handbook, Quality Activities

- Identifying Project Management tools (Microsoft Project, Primavera, etc.) and techniques, working on training and applications

- Training and implementing on project kickoff activities

- Implementing the Project Manager assignment activities on projects

- Identifying and calculating the criteria for determining project difficulties

- Defining and teaching the roles, authority, and responsibilities of project stakeholders

- Defining the templates (plan, report, document forms, etc.) that are outputs of project management processes, and applying them

- Defining the role, responsibility, and authority of the Project Manager in the selected organization structure, and empowering him/her

- Developing Project Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Human Resources, Communication, Risk, and Procurement management skills, teaching them, and applying them

- Partnering and consulting for project management processes

- Establishing the concepts and structures for a users committee, a change control committee, master planning, sponsor meetings, and project team meetings within the discipline of project management

- Teaching project performance tracking and monitoring techniques and methods, and applying them

- Training and operating on project closeout activities

- Creating an internal human resources performance evaluation system for organizations

- Creating a skills evaluation system for organizations and training

- Managing a pilot project to be managed according to thesemethods and processes during the training process

- Providing ongoing support to the organization within the consulting process, updating processes and procedures according to changing conditions and techniques, reviewing operations within the organization on a periodic basis and removing obstacles, revising based on lessons learned